In connection with my tarot deck and book radical becoming in the ongoing now, I am engaging in an ongoing public performance practice of intuitive card reading. The various settings (including mutual aid events, art galleries, and play parties) allow for the three acts of chance that are central to all forms of divination.

Zine Play at Onomatopee Projects, Eindhoven, Netherlands
House of Hallucinations: Halloween 2021, House of YES
Lower East Side Book Crawl, Bluestockings Cooperative
Illuminated Eroticism, Chemistry NYC
Mouth Things, Live or Buy Residency, Praksis Oslo, Norway 
Super Flower Blood Moon, University of California San Diego
The People’s Bus, NYC Civic Engagement Commission
Brooklyn Art Book Fair, Miriam Gallery

Arts Walk, Park Church Community Cooperative

Love Letter to Brooklyn: Community Connection & COVID, The Free Store Project