sync, collage (2020)

This in-process xeno-epistemology focuses on perforating the category of “human” by focusing itself around components, processes, and ecologies, rather than individual bodies or selves. The performative codification of a play-based knowledge system is used as a means of disrupting predominant systems of classification and engaging hermeneutic and magical ways of knowing.

The initial manifestation of this epistemology is an oracle deck, with the suggestion that intuition, chance, and “unproven” divination practices are radical in their nature and useful for discovering new ideas hidden in between the ones that we already have. Each oracle card consists of a collage, a micro-fiction, and a classification of how the card fits into the larger diagram of the knowledge system. The cards are initially being used for interactive oracle readings.

still from live oracle reading with PRAKSIS Oslo (2020)

nervous fluid, collage (2020)


alien observer, collage (2020)

Xeno-Epistemology Oracle Reading [Praksis Oslo 3.25]