Brooklyn, NY

Many matriarchal lineages and spiritual practices incorporate blood magic with the understanding that menstrual blood possesses sacred power. Together we will harness that power through intention setting and creativity.

While this activity might at first seem disgusting, we will encourage everyone to look beyond the values imposed by a ten-thousand year patriarchal paradigm and reimagine menstrual blood as magical fluid.

All bodies are welcome to attend the party, but everyone must have some way of making a menstrual blood painting, potentially by sharing the blood of a consenting womb-bodied partner/friend. Please do not substitute with red paint/dye (!)

1. Get a menstrual cup
2. Find a sealable jar or container for the blood
3. Harvest several menstrual cups worth of blood into the container
4. Store the container in a refrigerator (recommended)
5. Bring your container to the party