An Ecology of Mind (2019), video installation.

This installation is the compiled documentation of thirty-two individuals immersed inside of a hole in the ground as part of an investigation of the co-emergent relationship between body, mind, and world, and the recursive notion of matter thinking about matter thinking about matter. While the body is undergoing a hyper-sensory experience, the resulting image isolates a disembodied head or continually rendering consciousness. The structure in the center of the room is influenced by the Chomskyan concept of a universal grammar, a fractal structure inside the brain that predefines the grammatical rules of language. A muffled sound of compiled voices of participants and a DMT activation frequency emanate from the dirt mound inside the structure, while the larger space is filled with ambient nature sounds recorded at the site of the hole.

An Ecology of Mind from Alexandra Neuman on Vimeo.