radical becoming in the ongoing now
book published by Onomatopee Projects, 2021

radical becomings are allied with the grotesque—vaginal openings, intestinal worms, bodily fluids, voluptuous swamps, reptilian secretions— anything too close to the fecundity of life, anything carrying the potential to disrupt the boundaries of self, anything possessing a slithering primordial power. quietly bubbling at the edges of ‘human' decency, the grotesque is the affect of radical seduction.

inspired by the divinatory practice of the Tarot, this interactive card deck employs the potential of play, chance, and continuous reshuffling towards unraveling the humanist doctrine of separation. through the conflation of implicit anthropocentric binaries such as nature/culture, life/nonlife, human/animal, male/female, mind/body, past/future, same/other, self/world, radical becoming in the ongoing now envisions a praxis of planetary subjectivity in which every Now moment is an opportunity for submerging oneself into the moisture of the W/hole.

‘Zine Play’ installation at Onomatopee Projects (2022)

‘Life Cycle’ sample spread from printed guidebook (2021)

tarot reading, zoom performance at PRAKSIS oslo (2020)

oracle reading livestream on the super flower blood moon with a sound bath by Anton Krueger (2021)

interactive project site: alien.surgery